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How’s That Grab ‘Ya?

Photo of two cartoon cats in pink knit women's march protest capsSTOPUMedia’s origin story begins, as did the American Revolution, and the formation of Green Day, with a lot of Scotch. Unable to sleep, owing to the fact that a bunch of farmers, gun nuts, Sunday school teachers, and wingnut survivalists, came together — under the intellectual guidance of Kid Rock, Clint Eastwood, Ted Nugent, Rudy Giuliani, and Scott Baio — to hand over our nuclear launch codes to an aging pervert with dangerous inferiority complex and the social media restraint of an adolescent.

As we stared into the abyss, trying to remember the words to the Canadian national anthem, and toting up in our heads how much it would cost to ship our combined library of thousands of books, a funny thing happeCaricature of Donald Trumpned. Like many others, faced with an important life-changing decision, we consulted the oracle: Facebook. Slowly, only coincidentally as our buzzes faded, we decided to stay and fight. The Annoying Orange and his minions would NOT grab hold of our country’s vital assets without our consent.

Getting Down to Wit

Being neither farmers, nor gun nuts, we found ourselves fresh out of armaments and ammunition. Much to our chagrin, we discovered that we were also out of Scotch — which we quickly remedied. (PRIORITIES!)

What we had in abundance (besides Scotch) was wit, and a goodly stock of weapons-grade snark. We went to work, as writers do, staring out windows, filling up college-ruled notepads, chewing the erasers off our No. 2 pencils, and watching Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Rachel Maddow, Samantha Bee, Colbert, Bill Maher, Seth Myers, and Saturday Night Live. (Bubbling is the new cocooning. You Reddit here first.)

We subscribed to the Washington Post and the New York Times, and began attending Democratic Party meetings, joined the ACLU and even paid for public television. O course, we marched, and sobbed, over wine, to the heartfelt testimonials on Pantsuit Nation. And joined Indivisible, and other activist groups, writing letters to elected officials — who, in an outpouring of public service, ignored those letters and approved a whole cabinet of kleptocrats, racists and oligarchs. (See: Deplorables)Cartoon of an emoticon-style pile of poo with a cat face and pink knit cap

Taking A Healthy Trump

When Matthew McConaughey started lumbering toward us looking all glassy-eyed and mumbling about “giving him a chance,” we knew we had to go nuclear. We broke out the biscuit and the football, watched the Patriots beat the Falcons, and then broke out the snark. We called ourselves STOPUMedia, because, well, duh. But also because the domain was available.

The Bigly Beautiful Book of What Women Want is the first of what we intend to be many salvos. It may not change the world. But it may make your stomach hurt a little less, for a little while. And that’s something. We hope you enjoy it. If you do, please let us know by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and sending copies of our silly sedition to like-minded friends and family.

RESIST! We’ll keep fighting if you will.

And now, a moment of silence, for the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre . . .


The Bigly Beautiful Book of What Women Want

What do women want?

This bigly question has baffled men for ages.

Wonder no more!

Nobody respects women more than D. J. Drumpf. He has taken a break from writing executive orders to take pen in (tiny) hand and spell it out for the rest of you losers.

The Bigly Beautiful Book of What Women Want is full of his very best words on the subject . . . in 140 characters, or less.

We’re golden

Can we talk?

As you might have gathered, we’re not too happy with the outcome of the last election. We’re doing everything we can to fix things in the 2018 midterms. In the meantime, we’re trying not to be too grim. This book, and others to follow, grew out of our need to bring a little light into a world that has been looking a little dark to us lately.

When life gives you golden showers, make lemonade – or something like that. Anyway, whether you’re a nasty woman, or a bad hombre along for the ride, if you wear your heart on your sleeve, we hope you’ll feel the love, and wear our merch (or at least rest your chardonnay on our coasters, Snowflake).

Chin up. Stand up. It gets better. Until then  . . . #RESIST

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As if we needed more proof that Elizabeth Warren is a card-carrying badass! BTW . . . the Bigly Beautiful Book of What Women Want is now available on Kindle for a whopping $3.99 (big spender).  

This Cat Grabs Back

We’re here. There’s beer. This cat grabs back! Get used to it. Welcome to STOPUMedia, the best little rebel outpost this side of Tatooine. Follow along as we fight Darth Donald and the evil Emperor Bannon at the Battle of Bowling Green and beyond. The force is strong within us!    

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